Adventures in Pumpkin Carving

Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. Halloween, for all the cute ghouls and goblins and fairies roaming the streets, looking for sweets, and creative expression through pumpkins. Thanksgiving, for…the obvious…connecting with loved ones over great food.

Later, I’ll do some Thanksgiving recipes, but this post is just some pumpkin carving whimsical inspiration. My hubs, Marc, and I were taking care of my teen-aged sister in October last year, and thought it would be fun to invite a friend over for a little carving party. Now, for some background, I love the textural, sensual fun of scooping out the guts of the pumpkin, and the foodie in me loves to roast the pumpkin seeds. But, Marc, is really the artist in the family. My creativity comes through in a lot of ways, like my cooking, but he’s much better at pumpkin carving than me.

Lakshmi Pumpkin

So, for these pumpers, I prepped them, and did a little carving on Lakshmi, but they really are his execution. Above is Lakshmi (named after the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, love, beauty and fertility). I started cutting little circles around the pumpkin across the “forehead”, and ended up with a larger one between the eyes.

Lakshmi Pumpkin lit

Marc finished carving her and put a marble in the center hole, like a third eye, so that it glowed when the candle inside was lit. Totally fun. With the third eye, the name Lakshmi just seemed to fit her.

Here are Chester on the left, and Chuck on the right.

Chester and Chuck lit

They both have marbles in their eyes, so they glow too, when the candle is lit. Chester’s teeth are pumpkin seeds. Chuck was…um…ill, so he’s up-chucked his guts.

Chester and Chuck

They were so much fun last year, I’m hoping we get the chance to make a few more this year. Kind of like cooking, or a Tibetan sand painting, they are sweet creative expression, to enjoy for a moment before their time is up. We are so fortunate here, that the local farmers are growing interesting varieties of winter squash in fun shapes and colors and sizes, so there is plenty of inspiration.

21 thoughts on “Adventures in Pumpkin Carving”

  1. Gigi – Hey, thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. Good to see you again.

    Dave – True dat! My Marc is sooooo talented. I’m the luckiest! Glad ya liked the pumpers. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The vomiting one is hilarious!! I carved a pumpkin in my office (in Italy) last year and it was funny – most of them had never seen a Jack o’Lantern. This year, I hope to get even better…not sure how the vomit would go over in the office, haha.

  3. Ms. Sara – Thanks! Yeah, it’s such a staple of US culture, I can imagine it would be very odd in Italy. Thanks for stopping by.

    Graeme – Thanks! I thought Marc’s marble idea was totally inspired too. I’d definitely use them again. I will have to check out the extreme pumpkins link for more inspiration for this year. Thanks for sayin’ hello.

  4. These are fantastic! Driving up to Sonoma County for a visit this weekend, we passed so many beautiful pumpkins I just knew I’d have to carve a few this year. I don’t think they’ll be anywhere near as impressive as “Chuck” though! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  5. Awesome. You and your husband are so talented! I love the detail.

    I’d love to try this sometime, but pumpkins don’t grow to such beautiful proportions in this country 🙁

  6. Rose – Thanks so much for stopping by! A kindred spirit in Sonoma County. We have also been inspired by the awesome pumpkins out there. Hmmmm…what to carve, what to carve…

    Manggy – Thanks so much for the compliment. We had a ton of fun making them. Too bad you can’t get big pumpkins in your area, but you can do a lot with the little ones too.

    Ari – Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them.

  7. SO COOL!!!!!!!
    I love the life-like eyes Marc made on the pumpkins, and the bags under the (up) chuck pumpkin eyes! haha! Soooo talented!
    Halloween is the best holiday of the year!

  8. EJ – Thanks! I thought you’d like these guys. Marc definitely went all out on Chuck, with the bags under his eyes. Halloween really is sooooo much fun.

    Nicisme – Thanks! Such a blast.

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