Asparagus Pizza with Creamy Goat Chevre and Olive Bruschetta

hot asparagus, olive bruchetta & goat cheese pizza

There are many classic ways to cook tender asparagus spears, spring’s fleeting gourmet delicacy. If you want a quick, easy dinner, serve this pizza where asparagus stars! A nice change from red sauce, there’s no need to wait for summer tomatoes for your homemade pizza night.

Asparagus Pizza with Creamy Goat Chevre and Olive Bruschetta Recipe

1 Alvarado Street ‘California Style’ Pizza Bread with sprouted grains (1lb/680g), at room temperature
1 cup  (250 mL) 4% fat, small curd, organic cottage cheese
3 heaping tbsp  (40 mL)  Trader Joe’s Olive Bruschetta with dried tomatoes
1 lb  (500 g)  organic Asparagus
1/2 medium organic Onion, sliced into thin rings
Firm, mild melting cheese, thinly sliced
1.5 – 2oz creamy Goat Cheese Chevre
1/3 cup  (75 mL)  grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and Swiss cheeses.

trimmed asparagus
Trimmed asparagus

~ Use a pre-made pizza crust or make your own.
~ In pot of boiling water, blanch asparagus until tender-crisp, about 2-1/2 minutes; pour off the hot water, chill in a sink full of cold water. Drain well. Chop into 2-inch(5 cm) lengths, saving the tips for garnish.
~ In bowl, stir together cottage cheese and olive bruschetta.
~ Spread cottage cheese mixture evenly over pizza crust.
~ Top with onion rings, asparagus, melting cheese slices, dollops of goat cheese, grated Parmesan-Swiss cheese mixture.
~ Finish off with a generous sprinkling of cracked black pepper & fresh herbs, if you wish.
~ Bake on lower rack of 425F (220C) oven until bottom of crust is golden, 15 minutes.

creamy goat cheese chevre accents a homemade pizza
Creamy goat cheese chevre accents this fresh asparagus pizza.
asparagus tips with a generous garnish of grated parmesan pizza garnish
Ready to Bake! Asparagus tips with a generous sprinkling of grated Parmesan garnish this delicious pizza.
yummy slice of hot asparagus pizza
Why wait? Enjoy a yummy slice of hot asparagus pizza before spring’s gone.

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