Blue Ribbon Jam: Plum Gumbo Conserve

Gourmet Preserves Artisan-Crafted in Small Batches

With SO much interest in my old-fashioned, no pectin added, gourmet preserves, we’ve started ‘putting-up’ jars to sell on a first-come first-served basis. GMO and Gluten Free.

prize winning plum gumbo jam 8oz jarBack in Stock!
*2011 Sonoma County Fair Blue Ribbon
(1st Place)*
~ Plum Gumbo, one of our early winners, a 1st Place Blue Ribbon jam, is an old-fashioned, mixed fruit conserve with distinct fruit pieces…akin to marmalade.

Adapted from a Fannie Farmer cookbook recipe (11th Edition – 1964 – originally published in 1896), it would be a flavorful choice for hearty winter breakfasts served on freshly baked scones, or used as a sweet chutney to accompany holiday meals.

In 1999, being more of a newbie “jammer” and using a thin bottomed spaghetti pan, I accidentally burned it ever-so-slightly, which made the flavor deep and complex…BETTER! So, now I replace some of the organic cane sugar with organic brown sugar to add that extra depth of flavor. One of these days I’ll get courageous enough to learn to caramelize sugar or use just a touch of molasses in an experimental recipe.

Plum Gumbo Conserve ~ Gluten Free Blue Ribbon Jam (July 2014)
8oz Jars~$12 ea, 4oz Jars~$7ea
GMO Free INGREDIENTS: Organic Purple-skinned purple & yellow fleshed plums, Organic Navel Oranges, Organic Manukka or Flame Raisins, Organic Cane & Muscavado or Brown Sugars & Love.
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