Feeling Stronger Everyday

Thank you so much everyone…for your love, well wishes and prayers. I’m sure it contributes a lot to how well I’m feeling. I had a very healing trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. My dad and I stayed with a friend, Leticia, who took such amazing care of me.

My dad pulled major strings and jumped through many hoops to arrange for my travel and treatments there, but it was well worth it. My treatments were very effective and I am feeling more vitality and less pain everyday. Leticia is a very creative cook and easily prepared vegetarian dishes for me that were scrumptious and healthy.

The first morning she made a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice blended with ripe papaya for me, that was so delicious, my first thought was “This is going on the blog.” Leticia eats meat, so when she asked if I wanted tofu (to acommodate my vegetarian diet) I told her I was perfectly happy with Mexican staples of black beans, cheese and eggs.

Tofu isn’t exactly native Mexican food and I didn’t want her to go even more out of her way to make me something she wouldn’t normally eat and enjoy. She promptly went out and bought tofu seasoned with fresh herbs and made a very tasty meal with grilled eggplant and goat cheese, and brown rice spiced with poblano chile, cilantro and fresh cultured cheese. Seriously, she treated me like a queen, and for those five days my only assignment was to focus on healing.

I came home to a stack of loving cards, kind emails and sweet blog comments. Needing to conserve my energy, I’ve only been able to attend to a few calls and emails a day in response, so I’m a little behind. I would love to answer each comment individually, and I hope to at some point, but for now, know that I read yours and am deeply grateful.

Fellow food bloggers Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi sent me a beautifully wrapped care package when I got home from Mexico.

Jugalbandi Wrapped Gift

Just as I was about to tear into it, Marc asked if I wanted to take pictures. Smart guy. Always thinkin’. I restrained myself just long enough so you all could see what thoughtful goodies Bee and Jai sent.

Jugalbandi Goodies

Dagoba is some of the best chocolate out there, so that was a superb treat. We’ve had the Reader’s Digest book on the kitchen table for a few days and everyone is getting a good laugh out of the stories. I’m still blown away by how amazing the bonds are that we bloggers form.

Bee and Jai have even offered to hold a fundraiser for me to help cover my treatment costs and are putting it together as we speak. They hold a monthly contest called Click and plan to incorporate the fundraiser into it. I’ll keeep you posted as I know more. I really am speechless at the generosity and kindness pouring in from all directions. I feel so supported.

This week was chock full of doctor’s appointments and tests. Cindy and Bill (Marc’s incredibly supportive mom and step dad), Marc and I all met with a local Anthroposophic doctor at the beginning of the week and I started mistletoe therapy. Mistletoe has been used in Europe with great results for decades and does wonders to boost the immune system and get your body to take care of the cancer itself.

On Wednesday I had a biopsy of an enlarged lymph node in my neck. Biopsies aren’t my idea of a good time, but it went smoothly and the hospital staff were very kind. One nurse, Nora held my hand and kept peeking under the sterile drape over my face to ask if I was okay. Such genuine kindness. My oncologist just called with the lab results and they are pretty sure it’s what we all suspected…breast cancer. Each cancer is treated differently, so we had to know for sure.

I decided this was a week of research and development…get as much information from as many reliable sources as necessary and then develop a plan of action for my healing. I have always had a sense of being part of some greater plan. I don’t have to know all the “hows” and “whys” but I’ve been praying pretty hard for clarity in what to do next, and the strength to act on that clarity. I think this week that clarity fell into place, and I’m taking each step as it is called for.

I actually feel quite a peace with what I need to do to bring my body back into a state of good health. Plus, I have lots of loving family, friends and health practitioners to help me on this journey.

19 thoughts on “Feeling Stronger Everyday”

  1. What a lovely care package Bee and Jai sent 🙂 You really have a lot of people supporting you. I’m glad you found some clarity at this difficult time. Just planning can be stressful, though, so I hope you have plenty of time to rest and reflect.

  2. I am so glad you are feeling stronger!!!! Lots of love and hugs from Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. it’s so wonderful to see you posting again, dear bri. look after you. we are rooting for your recovery.

  4. your mind is clear bri and that is a good state to be in as you go forward, no matter what the circumstances. i continue to send positive mental energy your way, as powerful as i can make it. i am putting a shprinkle of humor in there too, it is also therapeutic when you have the energy. 🙂

    thanks for this post. xo

  5. I have been thinking of you Bri, it’s lovely to see you posting. I hope you get a little stronger each day, sending big hugs your way.

  6. I am so glad that you are feeling better, and that the bloggers out there are so nice!

  7. Bri, so glad you are feeling better. I hope you continue to gain more strength through treatments, the love and support of your family and friends, and your own positive attitude. I’ve been thinking of you a lot and sending my best wishes for you and your loved ones. xxoo

  8. I was thinking of you and was glad to read your post. I’m happy to hear about your positive mindset. I think it contributes to healing. I send you and your family my hopes that you find your best, most effective treatment options and that you recover your health quickly.

  9. Bri,
    It’s so good to see you post!
    Glad to hear that you’re getting better.
    Sending hugs and warm wishes your way. 🙂

  10. Your update overflows with serenity and the clarity you’ve found, Bri… I’m so very glad. I know you are well surrounded with loving friends and family, caring medical professionals, and excellent chocolate 🙂 so I will believe in your continued search for health and balance.

    Sending you much love, hugs, blessings, and happy food thoughts! Will drop you a line again soon.

  11. Bri, came here from jugalbandi’s and i am really happy to know that u r feeling much better. my prayers and best wishes r with you.

  12. I hope your treatments continue to go well. I have been off-line for several months, and am just now learning your news. I am praying for strength and healing for you.

  13. glad u r doing well my love…keep it up…when will you be back to cooking as usual?? I miss the recipes…

  14. My first time here. I came from Jugalbandi’s fundraiser theme for Click this month. Always good to meet a fighter. I realize the strength of character it takes to come to terms with the situation. A friend of mine made it through fighting it simply with her spirit! God bless and my best wishes to you!

  15. Hi Bri

    I’m a first-time commenter here – I found you via Jai and Bee and I’m one of the prize donors for the special Click event this month. I just wanted to let you know that I will be sending positive thoughts your way and keeping you in my prayers. I have watched a number of friends do battle with cancer and I know how hard it can be on both you and your family. I think it is wonderful that you are surrounded with so many caring people and that you have the persistence to pursue complementary therapies alongside the traditional treatment. So often the medical profession can be so dismissive of the value of complementary therapies, and people take their doctor’s opinion as gospel – I am thrilled that you are pursuing all avenues in your quest for quality of life.

    I wish you strength and lots and lots of love.


  16. Dear Bri,
    I met you at a Fiesta and then again at the fire before the reunion last year in California, best wishes and all love to you for your healing and well-being. Thank you for your lovely website-

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