Golden Potato & Bok Choy Soup

golden yellow potato bok choy soup

Soup’s on!

Now in early December, temperatures are nippy outside though we haven’t been hit by ‘hard freeze’ Arctic blasts, yet. A month into natural daylight time, the days are MUCH too short, sending my hubby and me into semi-hibernation mode.

Semi-hibernation = Staying indoors too much, getting sleepy mid-afternoon, and tired too early in the evening (almost as soon as it gets dark) for a gal who wants to do creative projects.

Don’t have extra energy for involved cooking, so making a nutritious easy soup for dinner is a good wintertime dinner alternative. Put this golden potato, baby bok choy soup together last week. Very easy and yummy. Made a large pot full and we ate it for several days:

Golden Potato & Bok Choy Soup Recipe

2-3 Tablespoons organic Virgin Olive Oil
3 fat cloves of Garlic minced
1 large white Onion, sliced and then cut in thirds
1/2 lb brown Crimini Mushrooms, washed drained, sliced

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3 Rapunzel brand organic Vegan Bouillon Cubes with Sea Salt
4 cups of filtered Water
5 Golden Potatoes (Yukon Gold, etc.)
2 stalks organic Celery, washed, trimmed, and sliced
2 large or several small organic Sweet Red & Yellow Peppers, diced large
2 medium heads of organic Bok Choy, washed and sliced


~ In a deep soup pot, saute onions, garlic and mushrooms for 5-8 minutes until tender translucent. You may cook them until caramelized if you wish.
~ Add filtered water, bouillon cubes, and potatoes.
~ Cook at a gentle boil for 10-15 minutes until the potatoes are tender, but not falling apart.
~ Add celery, sweet peppers, and bok choy.
~ Bring back to a gentle boil. Turn off heat and let sit for 10 minutes to cool down while cooking the crunchy veggies gently.

OPTIONAL: Add fresh diced ginger or fresh herbs like rosemary, sage or lemon thyme to your taste.

Salting to taste with organic Braggs Aminos or Tamari / Grated sharp organic Cheddar Cheese. A green salad and chewy bread would fill family and friends who want a larger meal.

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