Mexican Style Cucumbers

Mexican Style Sliced Cucumbers

My favorite snack on a hot, late summer day is cool Mexican style cucumbers. Mexicans love to toss fruits or veggies with lime juice and chili. You name it: cucumbers, mango, carrots, jicama or fresh coconut chunks…all can be amped up an served with chili and lime.

My favorite combo is Armenian Striped cucumbers with lime and Tajin Salsa en Polvo. Tajin is a chili powder with crystallized lime and salt. I have tasted many other perfectly good varieties of Mexican chili powders, but Tajin stands out as the best. I first tasted it when my step mom brought some back from central Mexico, but we couldn’t find it anywhere. Then on a brief stopover in Puerto Vallarta, we found it in a grocery store and bought 3 containers to hold us over a while. I just discovered it in our local market in Santa Rosa. Which is a good thing, because flying all the way to Mexico once we run out may be a little excessive.

Mexican Style Cucumbers Recipe


1 big cucumber
1 juicy lime
Tajin (or your favorite chili powder or hot sauce) to taste


~ Just slice the cucumbers
~ Juice the lime over them
~ and sprinkle on copious Tajin.

Serves one, or if you are willing to share…two.

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