Muscat Grape Jelly (OS)

ANNOUNCING: Gourmet Preserves For Sale!
Handcrafted in Limited Quantities

With SO much interest in my old-fashioned, no pectin added, gourmet preserves, we’ve started ‘putting-up’ jars in limited quantities to sell on a first-come first-served basis.

muscat grape jellyFragrant Muscat grapes with a slightly floral aroma & taste are often used to make sweet dessert wines. Our Muscat Grape Jelly includes a touch of pink crabapple juice for pectin & a pretty peachy color as the natural tan juice from the green-gold grapes lacked eye appeal.

Summer 2011
Muscat Grape Jelly (OS)
4oz Jars~$7ea, 2oz Gift Basket sampler Jars~$5ea
INGREDIENTS: Organic Golden Muscat grapes, Organic Meyer Lemon & wild-harvested pink Crabapple juice (for pectin), Organic Cane Sugar & Love.

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Priority Mail, MEDIUM Flat Rate box ~ $17.35
Includes handling, insurance and delivery confirmation (Up to 3-8oz jars OR up to 6-4oz jars OR an assortment with a few 2oz Gift Basket sampler jars.)

Priority Mail, LARGE Flat Rate box ~ $23.75
Includes handling, insurance and delivery confirmation (Up to 6-8oz jars OR 9-4oz jars OR a combination of 4oz+ 8oz jars…email us with the preserves you’re considering, so we can see what fits.)

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