In a surreal twist of fate, less than 24 hours after I posted about being sick, my site came down due to a malicious hacker. It took a lot of work, but I am still here. I got the results of the PET scan and it is cancer on my lungs, in my lymph nodes and several areas in my bones, as it turns out.

I am leaving Monday for a trip to Guadalajara to meet my Dad and get treatments from a healer there. I will be back late in the week. I am looking into many treatment options and feel strongly that integrative medicine is the most promising. I am looking at places like the Block Center in Chicago and Hill Park Medical Center in Petaluma, California that provide more individualized comprehensive cancer care that includes nutrition and complimentary medicine as well as things like chemotherapy.

It is getting late, so this is just quick, but I so appreciate your well-wishes and kindness. It is just so amazing to me that through Figs with Bri, I have made so many great friends all around the world. When I have more energy, I can tell you about my latest culinary adventures, like radioactive sugar and woefully inadequate recommended food lists. It’s my bed time….goodnight.

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  1. Bri, I am wishing you the very best right now. You commented on my blog back in October after I posted an entry for the Boobie Bake Off. A month later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I am currently a week away from receiving my last chemo round. This isn’t the news I wanted to hear for you, but I want you to know that I care and I am sending you all of the healing and good vibes I can muster. Listen to your body and take care of yourself. Big hugs.

  2. Hi Bri,
    I’m just stunned here, rereading your post over and over in disbelief, not knowing what to write here (then again, you’ve always been braver, more positive, and stronger than I). Like I said before, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  3. Hey Bri, glad you’re up and running (online at least) again! You’ve been missed! I’ve read great things about the Block Center, so I hope that from all the sources you mentioned you will find some excellent help and healing.

    In the meantime, know how much you are loved! 🙂

  4. Its great to hear from u again Bri. :D.. All our best wishes are with you. May you have a safe trip to ur dad’s place and come back to us with yummy goodies as always! take care..:D


  5. Hi Bri,

    I am thinking lots and lots of positive things (very hard with my whole being) and I wish you wellness and peace on this part of your journey. I will be reading, post when and what you can.


  6. So glad you’re back online, but sad to hear your news wasn’t better. We’re keeping you in our thoughts, and hoping that your treatment will bring you health and comfort.

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