Remembering Bri at Kate’s

viburnum autumn color

October 27th, 2010 ~ It’s been two years.

Bill & I decided to take an impromptu 10-day vacation driving north to British Columbia to visit friends here and other dear folks on our way back home. We invited Marc to come with us, but he stayed home for work obligations, and to care for the house, my plant jungle, and our Jaeci kitty.

The timing of where we were to be when, all came together at the last minute. Most appropriately, we are wrapping up our wonderful 2-1/2 day visit with Kate, her hubby Ken, 16 year-old son Ian, and delightful 10 year-old daughter LiliGrace on the 2nd anniversary of Bri’s death.

We met Kate through Bri and Marc, who loved her the moment they met at a Plant Spirit Medicine workshop in 2006 that Bri coordinated for her Dad, Eliot Cowan. Bill and I met Kate when she dropped by our home with her friend Julia on their way home from a Utah get-away last year. It was instant friendship for us as well. Kate extended an open-ended “come visit us anytime” invitation…so here we are.

baking halloween cookies with young girl
Kate, Cynthe, and Lili baking Halloween cookies

Kate & I wanted to celebrate Bri in some way. So, last night, LiliGrace, Kate, and I made Halloween-inspired JackAppleFace cookies, which I will be doing a post for later this week (if I can manage to fit it in while visiting friends).

memorial candle for briana brownlow
Candle for our sweet Bri

At 3am this morning, Kate woke up to light a candle in memory of Bri, which we will leave burning all day. I woke up around the same time and thought of how grateful I am to have had her as my daughter-in-law. And to have shared our home with Bri and Marc for the last two years of her life.

The photo of Kate’s lovely viburnum introducing this post makes a fitting tribute to Bri’s spirit and being…resilient and beautiful to the very end.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Bri at Kate’s”

  1. It was so wonderful to have you and Bill with us over the past few days! I watched the sun break through the clouds somewhere south of Bellingham and thought of our missed opportunity for a walk at Crescent Beach! Ah well – next time – and I do mean “next time” – Anytime!!!

    The candle is still burning at 6:00pm and I will let it go to its natural end. Thank-you so much for your “Bri gifts”! I will treasure their warmth always.

    The kids and I had a wonderful day in Seattle. We laughed and chatted all the way there and Ian kept me awake on the drive home. They were delighted to take part in their big brother’s soon to be “Grand Adventure” (which I can’t put much about online until Monday!!!)

    Love to you both-come back soon.
    (I think Thatcher Bunny misses Bill’s feet under the table!)

  2. Time goes by so fast… Two years already. I am glad you keep Bri’s spirit alive by posting on her blog, by fostering friendship with her friends. This is great!

  3. Kate ~ Bill and I LOVED being in your home, meeting your family, cooking dinner, baking cookies, staying up late chatting with you & Ken. Was amused by all the wonderful kitchen gadgets you have (even if I felt like a klutz using them). And your well stocked ingredients cupboard inspires my latent culinary skills.

  4. Farida ~ Appreciate you checking in… FWB is stimulating more friendships & culinary creativity as time passes. Bri has left us the gift of her legacy. It’s a joy to share her enthusiasm. Am intending to cook and write more this next year (as am quite behind with a backlog of articles and ideas!)

    It’s pomegranate time. Are you doing more recipes? Discovered white ones at our farmers market and hope to do some sort of feature with them. Will stop by to see what you’re up to soon.

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