Sunny & Breezy…. so perfectly Brizy

California Poppy
California Poppy

It’s been a year today, since we said ‘Good-bye.’

Has felt fast….and interminably slow all at once. Time’s SO weird. Like Bri’s Aunt Victoria commented this morning “It’s a little hard to believe it’s been a full year since Bri died. Even from the East Coast, in some ways it feels like she’s still here.” No doubt…

Brizy’s essence is with each of us. In our hearts.

It’s a crisp gorgeous autumn day, blue-blue skies & bright sunshine, chilly gusts blowing in from the northwest. The seasons are changing and our lives are, too. How perfect to be remembering Bri – whom we affectionately called ‘Brizy’ – on this VERY breezy / Brizy memorial day.

Setting Fire ~ Goat Rock Beach (Sonoma Coast, CA)
Setting Fire ~ Goat Rock Beach (Sonoma Coast, CA)

Marc’s gone on a meandering drive wending his way to the beach to spend some time with his thoughts and feelings. Bill & I were there two days ago. Always think of Bri when we go to the ocean. She was a mer-girl for sure.

Dinner at Dusk ~ Seagulls dining at surf's edge<br />among the waves & seaweeds
Dinner at Dusk ~ Seagulls dining at surf's edge among the waves & seaweeds

Stayed ’til the sun dipped below the horizon and night shadows started gathering on the land. As we turned to head back to the Goat Rock Beach parking lot, noticed a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses and a small pot of yellow chrysanthemums by a gathering of driftwood on the sand. Who had brought them? Why were the flowers left there? Had the impulse to gather the flowers in my arms and offer them to the sea. But decided the sea was coming to get them in her own time. Just as we all come and go…in our own time, too.

Gold Coast at Dusk ~ Bodega coastline (Sonoma county, CA)
Gold Coast at Dusk ~ Bodega coastline (Sonoma county, CA)

If I had planned to make this post, I might have done things differently. Getting a photo of the flowers. Tossing them into the sea. But the past year especially has been about feelings, following my intuition, and simply being. Being simple. So dear friends, you’ll just have to imagine the flowers in your minds. And fill in the missing storyline yourselves…

And BE. Fully yourselves.

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12 thoughts on “Sunny & Breezy…. so perfectly Brizy”

  1. dear marc, cynthe, bill,

    wish you strength and healing. and joy in all the fond memories.
    i miss my friend deeply today.

    – bee (and jai)

  2. Wish Bri could have been around to be your friend even longer. She enjoyed all this SO much.

    We miss her, too, Bee. Every day. But we’re doing okay. Think of you often. Hope you’re okay, too.

  3. Happy ~ Glad you came by. I was thinking of Bri’s smile, too, last night. What a spirited person she was. Such a BIG heart!

    Hope you & your family are doing well. I’ll come visit to see what you’re cooking up these days.

  4. I remembered that day and thought you and Bee would post something to remember sweet Bri. And you did. I think of Bri often… She has the most genuine and sincere smile I’ve even seen.

  5. This is a beautiful.

    It was great meeting Marc in Boulder and it doesn’t take very long to see how Bri is woven into his very being. I didn’t get a chance to meet Bri but I feel like I met her when I met Marc.

    Hugs to you all.

  6. Farida ~ Thanks for your sweet thoughts. Bri wanted her friends & family to be happy…to enjoy each other. She’d be pleased if we found reasons to smile, as OFTEN as possible!

  7. Manisha ~ Thanks for coming by. Gosh! If Bri had joined the four of you in Boulder, your conversation would have been SO lively….which I’m sure it was anyway. She was there in spirit, if not in form. Appreciate you & Jen welcoming Marc & Brian – connecting with two more shining links in the wonderful world of food bloggers – and a super reason to savor good food together.

  8. I wish I knew her more. Wish all you the strength and happiness to hold her memories with you forever. Her smile will remain in my heart always.

  9. Soma ~ As time passes we will remember the joy of having her in our lives…more than the grief of missing her. Thanks for your kind wishes. They make a difference.

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