The Spiral Trials: Cookie Frosting Fun

Italian Ricotta Cheese Cookies on cookie rack after glazing

This is a follow-up post to both Preserving Magic and Italian Ricotta Cheese Easter Cookies.

I was not totally pleased with my frosting glaze application the first time I made the cookie recipe (the cookies seen here on the blog).  Fact is I felt much clumsier decorating the “lemon wheel” cookies than my imagination had envisioned.

Soooo…when I made a second batch of cookies for Easter gifts last month (to fulfill family & friends’ taste requests), I decided to try a different cookie frosting glazing technique and to use strips or chunks of candied orange rind for decor.

This time I slowly drizzled the glaze from a soup spoon in a spiral pattern, beginning at the center of the cookie and circling outward in concentric (sort of) continuous rings, letting the glaze drip over the cookie edges.

Italian Ricotta Cheese Cookie with Vanilla Glaze spiral & Candied Orange Rind decor

Liked the way these turned out much better! And everyone who received a plate of cookies really enjoyed them. Yay!

And a note about storing candied citrus:

~ Keep at room temperature in a lidded container.

~ Do NOT put it in the refrigerator or you’ll end up with a goopy, syrupy MESS! Like I did…


Some basic facts: Refrigerators are moist. Sugar is naturally hygroscopic (attracts & holds moisture). Temperatures variations from chilled to room temp cause…

You guessed it = CONDENSATION.

Gooey Candied Lemon Wheels

In a day or two, the candied slices & peel were swimming in sugary syrup. Here’s the mucky container & waxed paper I used to layer the candied citrus.

Syrupy Storage Container

Syrupy sugar goop from condensation

and the messy syrup I drained off.

Since I moved the “cleaned-up” candies & storage box to sitting on top of the refrigerator instead of in it, the candied citrus has kept just beautifully.

Author’s aside: Marc strongly advised that I NOT post these photos as they are the opposite of “eye candy.” However I prefer to warn other adventurous cooks, so they can avoid mistakes I’ve stumbled upon.

6 thoughts on “The Spiral Trials: Cookie Frosting Fun”

  1. Hi Cynthe
    I happened upon “figswithbri” while searching for something (can’t remember what!) about a month ago. I’ve read almost everything on the site, and want to send you, Marc, and your extended family my best wishes for a bright and happy future. You are amazing. The photos of Bri and Marc are the sweetest I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  2. I actually like these photos – especially the blue bowl with it orange syrup. It’s interesting that both sugar and salt are unappetizing to the tiny organisms that like to spoil our food.

  3. Brenda ~ Almost a month after your sweet comment, we’re glad you discovered us and are reading Bri’s blog so thoroughly.

    Appreciate your sweet wishes ‘for a bright & happy future.’ Life is full & rich even with these sorts of losses…and perhaps we learn to be more grateful of those we love in the face of such circumstances.

  4. Victoria ~ Haven’t gotten back to reply to readers comments in awhile.

    Thanks for a ‘Yea’ vote on the gooey pics. What a MESS I made by refrigerating the candied citrus! It’s almost unbelievable to me how beautifully the candied peel and slices kept at room temperature….and yes, the sugar works as an excellent preservative.

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