Thompson Seedless Grapes: The Taste of Late Summer

I have fond memories as a kid of going to the farmers market and buying lemon cucumbers and golden green Thompson seedless grapes. Maybe we bought other things in those market trips, but it was the cukes and the grapes that stick out in my mind. Well, summer is ending and fall is about to fall, and that means grapes are abundant here in Sonoma County.

My two faves are the Thompsons and Autumn Royals. I’ve only seen the Thompsons so far, but they are sweet as honey and totally refreshing on a hot afternoon. You know they are succulent and ripe when they have a distinct golden tint to their green skins. Just remember that grapes tend to have some of the highest traces of pesticides and herbacides, so be sure to buy organic, or better still, talk to the farmer about their practices. When you know where they come from, Thompson seedless grapes are a divine consolation that summer is ending.

Thompson Seedless Grapes

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