Three Years and a Day…

young woman's portrait on a sunny day in late afternoon light

Briana Brownlow Memorial Slideshow

This video captures SO much of what we loved about Bri: her joyousness, love of life, lilting voice, great smile, mischievousness, beauty, and courageous optimism in the face of daunting challenges.

Brizy – we miss you!

5 thoughts on “Three Years and a Day…”

  1. What a great picture of Bri.
    So little time, so much to accomplish, and quite an impact she had on all of us. Three years and a day. I remember the beautiful reddish clouds which hung high above Mt. Tam. We were at the peak with friends and it seemed other worldly. It was a sign. We knew it and, true to form, Bri departed early the next morning.
    She is missed and held fondly in our hearts.

  2. Yeah, Terry ~ I thought of Bri all day yesterday. An inspiration and incredibly courageous person. What an impact she had on our lives! Came looking for a recipe on FWB this evening and made this post. Appreciate hearing your other worldly clouds story….we are given signs. Not everyone notices.

  3. I wear and cherish the beautiful scarf Bri made and you and Bill brought to me last October. We were together to mark the second year of her passing…bittersweet to be sure. I am so thankful Cynthe continues this blog that Bri began. I think she would love that! MWAH!

  4. What a courageous young woman Bri was. My sister and cousin also have been through the horror of breast cancer. My own daughter died of bone cancer at age 13. My son, like you, made a video for others to REMEMBER. How can you forget a light in your life…never. Thanks for letting me experience your light. Forever grateful, Cathy

  5. Needless to say Cathy ~ I’m sorry you lost your beloved young daughter to cancer. And that your sister and cousin have faced this horrid disease… which haunts a person and those who love them the rest of their lives. If your son has posted the tribute to his sister in a public venue, I’d be honored to watch it. Thanks for your kind comment. It means a lot to us.

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