Clinics Offer Breakthrough Cancer Healing Protocol Options

OCTOBER ARRIVES as the sun dips low in the sky and nights lengthen north of the equator… bringing the bittersweet first anniversary of my precious daughter-in-law Briana’s death from breast cancer.

My own interest in natural healing and medicine, and being Bri’s daytime care giver during her illness, led me to finding out about two innovative integrative cancer clinics. Both clinics are having amazing successes ~ truly remarkable results ~ with their clientele….most of whom come to them with different types of advanced, stage 4 (terminal) cancers…after all other protocols have failed or have become intolerable. I am impressed ~ and inspired ~ with the health-supporting therapies these compassionate physicians are offering their cancer patients.

There’s a part of me that’s deeply dismayed about the epidemic of breast…and more recently…brain cancers. My sense is cancers don’t have to be killer diseases….unless in the ‘karmic’ sense, it’s our time to go.

From extensive research I’ve done over the past four years, I’m NOT convinced current conventional medical cancer protocols practiced in the USA are the best ~ and certainly they aren’t the ONLY ~ methods of dealing with cancer. Chemotherapy’s basic premise of weakening the patient’s immune response, so the poisonous chemo protocols will be more effective at destroying cancer cells is a backward rationale more suited to the “dark ages.”

In 2004, 3 Australian oncologists authored a paper on chemotherapy treatment benefits for the most common kinds of cancer in adults. Even though the authors deliberately over-estimated the benefits of chemotherapy whenever the data was uncertain, they ultimately concluded that poisonous chemotherapy contributes barely over 2% to improved cancer patients‘ survival rates. In fact, 2% should be regarded as chemo’s “upper limit of effectiveness.”

August 6, 2012 ~ Recent laboratory studies have revealed that chem, though initially suppressing cancers, actually set-up the cancers to overtake the body eventually. Peter S. Nelson, of the Human Biology Division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and colleagues, wrote about their findings published online in Nature Medicine.

On JUNE 20th, 2009 I attended a Burton Goldberg presentation “Dealing With Cancer?”by invitation of an essential oil friend.

Mr. Goldberg ~ if you’re not familiar with his name ~ researched the massive encyclopedic reference resource: “Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide,” first published in 1994, in which leading edge physicians explain their treatments.

The “Dealing With Cancer?” workshop information was clarifying and truly hopeful. So wish we had known more in early 2008. More enlightened and much more EFFECTIVE HEALING treatments are being developed & practiced in Germany, and closer to home at these two cancer clinics.

Bri might still be with us, if we had been able to get her to either Dr. Forsythe’s Century Wellness Clinic in Reno NV or Dr. Munoz’s San Diego Clinic in Tijuana (just over the border from San Diego). Both MDs were at the workshop to answer all audience questions during the Q&A period. It was disappointing to see such a small audience in attendance….barely 100 folks.

Everyone who attended received the DVD “Cancer Conquest” available from Burton Goldberg’s website, which discusses the successful custom integrative holistic treatments being offered to folks with advanced stage 4 “terminal” cancer diagnoses.

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The two clinics are:
~ Dr. James Forsythe’s Century Wellness Clinic: 877-789-0707 (Toll-Free) in Reno NV

I highly recommend watching their superb 35 min presentation on the remarkable responses of several “terminal” Stage 4 cancer patients at:

~ The video discusses results of a new homeopathic supplement, Salicinium, that blocks sugar absorption in cancers, starving cancer of the blood sugars it thrives on. Used alone in clinical trials, Selicinium has initiated an effective healing response in 72% of Dr. Forsythe’s patients, and of those, in 78% of his breast cancer clientele.

NOTE: An effective healing response in clinical trial terminology is defined as: stabilizing the disease progression (ie. no worsening) – causing remission of the disease – or a total cure (ie. complete remission)

~ The new treatment protocol Dr. Forsythe is using…Salicinium combined with Poly-MVA…has initiated an 89% healing response rate in stage 4 cancers patients. Compare this to the less than 3% response rate over a 5 year period of patients treated with aggressive chemo-therapies in both the USA and Australia.

~ Dr. Filiberto Munoz’s San Diego Clinic: 011-52664-683-1398 in Tijuana, just over the border from San Diego. (Here’s are links to reviews of his clinic. And a second one, last half of page.) To find out more about the exciting protocols, Dr. Munoz uses for his patients, purchase the DVD “Cancer Conquest.”

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I took notes on key points from the workshop presentation and the following Q&A session. This information is offered to let whomever may come across it know with certainty there are EFFECTIVE HOLISTIC OPTIONS that support our immune systems and well-being, assisting one’s body  to heal from a cancer challenge.

Breakthrough Cancer Healing Protocols for Cancer Patients

~ Both doctors recommend and have done for every cancer client a custom blood analysis. This is done through the German laboratory that developed a methodology of identifying the MOST effective conventional meds (ie. chemo, etc.) and alternative holistic approaches (homeopathic remedies, supplements, dietary protocols, etc.) that will help your body HEAL.

~ Microscopic disseminated cancers cells are the main concern for successful recovery from cancers. They have different DNA from the originating tumor, requiring a different curative therapy to control & destroy them.

~ Hgh (Human Growth Hormone) is given to patients to bolster their immune systems.

~ Dr. Munoz’s clinic is manufacturing a new supplement, GC-MA (originally discovered in Japan) for their cancer patients. It breaks down the ‘shield’ cancers use to confuse our immune systems from attacking and destroying them. In use only 5 months, Dr. Munoz has seen an 80-95% response rate of reversing cancers in their clientele.

~ A new homeopathic remedy, Salicinium blocks sugar absorption in cancers. The fellow who created this was in the workshop audience. (See comment above for Dr. Forsythe’s patients’ responses.)

*   *   *   *   *

Some interesting facts & statistics have been discovered in attempts to find out ‘Why’ folks get cancer:

~ Cancer has multiple, interacting causes. Many interdependent factors…more than 33…in various combinations may contribute cancer development. An integrative multi-faceted approach to cancer treatment, combining conventional protocols with alternative therapies that attack cancers in various ways, provides the best opportunity for physical healing & recovery.

~ 98% of people with cancer have clogged lymphatic systems.

Day 92 - Open Wide!

~ 50% or more cancers of ANY type are related to mouth health.

~ 95% of breast cancer patients have dental health involvement, especially with the pre-molars and upper 4-5 teeth. (This most likely was true for my daughter-in-law.) These two clinics have found it’s CRUCIAL to get their patients teeth & gums cleaned up, so their body can heal. The recommendation is to work with a biological dentist.

~ Lifestyle choices of smoking – drinking – diet are implicated in 60% of cancers.

~ Herpes virus is implicated in several cancers. Hepatitis in liver cancers. H. pylori, a bacteria that causes peptic ulcers, has been implicated in stomach, esophageal, and colo-rectal cancers.

~ Cell phones kept near the body or held to your ear are hazardous. Carry all cell phones away from your body. And only use them with on speaker phone. For more about cell phone health hazards, read this article: Keep That Phone Out of Your Trouser Pocket!

~ Computers, if not used properly are also dangerous, especially laptops. Most laptops emit strong health damaging EMF fields, affecting whatever portion of your body is near them.

~ Wifi in the environment also has a negative impact on the immune system, causing subtle, but cumulative damaging effects on one’s health.

Organic Farm Market Produce

In terms of diet:

~ ALL sugar must be eliminated from the diet. Cancer feeds on sugar.

~ A quick comment was made during Q&As that bread, pasta, rice should either be eliminated from the diet or eaten in moderation. This is because the high carb foods convert into sugars during digestion.

~ ALL microwaved food (even popcorn) is a BIG non-no.

~ A high vegetable protein diet in recommended.

~ Only ORGANIC produce should be consumed.

~ If one consumes meat, only ORGANIC Free Range animals should be eaten.

~ Nutritional supplements are customized per patient at these clinics, so you only take what YOUR body needs….and don’t waste money on buying expensive supplements, based on guessing.

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To wrap up this post on an encouraging note, here are two testimonials (from Burton Goldberg’s site) about Dr. Forsythe’s Reno clinic:

# 1 ~ Alternative Medicine Therapies Arrest Teen’s Cancer

“Our daughter Valerie, age 17, for over a year had suffered extreme pain from nerve and bone damage from what was diagnosed later as Ewing Sarcoma cancer,” writes her father, Don Mason. Diagnosed and treated as sciatica by her Texas physician, the cancer in her pelvis had grown to softball size and spread to the base of her spine causing paralysis and nerve damage to her left leg. After his daughter nearly died from a single dose of of traditional drug therapy, in desperation Don searched the internet for a better answer to save his daughter and found Burton Goldberg’s website. “Upon talking to Burton,” Don writes, “he told me to run not walk to Dr. Forsythe’s office in Reno, NV.”

After only 9 days on Dr. Forsythe’s system of integrated medicine using Poly MVA and Salicinium, her father says, “Valerie’s cancer was completely gone in both her lungs and the cancer in her back and spine was so much reduced that she not only could walk again but she was in no pain at all!”

Valerie’s incredible improvement in just 3 weeks amazed her Texas oncologist, who agreed to continue Dr. Forsythe’s protocol. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for my daughter’s life,” Don writes.

*    *    *

#2 ~ Ed Van Overloop waited until prostate cancer had metastasized into his bones from hips to shoulders. “Now that I have reached stage 4 advanced prostate cancer, I have had to rethink some of my ideas on therapies, etc.,” he wrote. His letter was written upon his return from [only] 3 weeks at this clinic he learned about on Burton Goldberg’s DVD “Cancer Conquest.”

“I am extremely happy with the therapy I received and the quality of medical care. My bone pain was gone in 3 or 4 days and current scans show…the bone metastasis is reduced by 90% with hope of total elimination in the next 90 days.”

Ed attributes his miraculous results to the combination of chemotherapy and alternative protocols practiced at the clinic.