Roasted Root Veggies for a Crowd

Do you roast veggies? What an EASY delicious way to cook and eat nutritious veggies! This dish was inspired by a couple of roasted beet recipes I found on the web.

Bri introduced us to the idea of roasting vegetables, one of her favorite methods to get all the savory goodness out of foods that are, so often, taken for granted.

INGREDIENTS ~ organic, grown locally, if possible
2-3 lbs. (.9-1.33Kg) Purple or Golden Beets (or both)
5 lbs. (2.25Kg) mixed color Potatoes: Purple (Blue), Yukon Gold, Pink, White, etc.
2-3 large Purple or Yellow Onions (whole baby onions are really nice, but take quite awhile to peel)
2 lbs. (.9Kg) Orange or Red Carrots
3 large heads Garlic
Organic Virgin Olive Oil
Aleaea Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt, coarse grind

Preheat the oven to 425F (218C)  degrees.

1. SCRUB all the root veggies thoroughly.

2. TRIM tops & tails off the beets.
NOTE: Save the greens to steam lightly for another meal.

3. CUT the root veggies into similar sizes, so they’ll cook in the same amount of time.
TIP: Leave small-to-medium beets whole. Cut large beets in half or quarters…matching their sizes approximately with the size of your cut potatoes. (Don’t peel the beets, potatoes, or carrots. But DO cut the woody beet neck ‘collars’ away.)

4. PREP the rest of the veggies. Separate the garlic cloves, leaving them in their skins. (You’ll be able to squeeze the soft roasted garlicky contents out, while eating.) Slice the onions into large sections. Cut the carrots into large chunks, so they don’t cook faster than the beets & potatoes.

5. STIR the cut vegetables with a large spoon in a large mixing bowl with 1/4 cup olive oil and a generous amount of a quality coarse ground sea salt (about 1-2 teaspoons).

Oiled, salted root vegetables are ready to roast
Oiled, salted root vegetables are ready to roast

6. SPREAD the oiled, salted, vegetables in a single layer on a large non-stick cookie sheet. Cover with a piece of aluminum foil, sealing the edges. This locks in the juices so the veggies will steam during the first part of the baking process.

Spread colorful root veggies on cookie sheet, cover with foil before roasting.
Spread colorful root veggies on cookie sheet, cover with foil before roasting.

7. ‘STEAM’ ROAST for 20-25 minutes.

8. TAKE off the aluminum foil. And return the veggies to the oven.

Remove aluminum foil halfway through the roasting process.
Remove aluminum foil halfway through the roasting process.

9. ROAST for another 20-25 minutes. The flavor and sugars in the root veggies will become concentrated, caramelized juices will run onto the trays; aromas of burnt sugar or marshmallows may waft from the oven. The veggies are done when you can pierce them easily with a fork.

Remove hot roasted veggies from oven with care
Remove hot roasted veggies from oven with care
Colorful roasted root vegetables are as delicious as they are pretty

10. SERVE as a side dish to accompany another entree or as a main dish with a sprinkling of coarse ground fresh black pepper, a drizzle of Balsamic or other flavored vinegar, crumbled ‘Chevre’ (soft goat cheese), feta, coarsely grated Parmesan cheese, or large curd cottage cheese, along with a crunchy green salad.

Roasted beets paint accompanying veggies in lovely burgundy hues!
Roasted beets paint accompanying veggies in lovely burgundy hues!


For the fun of it, the Beet-Potato-Carrot-Garlic combo could be varied by mixing veggies of similar hues:
~ all PURPLE…Purple ‘Blue’ Potatoes, Burgundy Beets, Purple Onions, Purple Carrots if you can find them.
~ a GOLDEN combo with Yukon Gold potatoes, heirloom Golden Beets – a recent FAV of mine – Orange Carrots, and Yellow Onions.
~ all WHITE or IVORY…potatoes, onions, garlic, etc….if you really want to be austere.

Quicker cooking combos that only take 20 minutes to roast (or they’ll burn) are:
~ Broccoli-Zucchini-Garlic
~ OR for a slightly sweet take, Delicata or Sweet Dumpling Squash & Crisp Baking Apples sprinkled with Raisins, Currents, or Dried Cranberries, Cinnamon and/or Nutmeg (Walnuts, Pistachios, or Almonds would be nice, too).

Your empty dishes are part of the dining delight, 'canvases' for gorgeous abstract beet juice art

8 thoughts on “Roasted Root Veggies for a Crowd”

  1. Hi! Soma ~ Thanks for the New Year’s greetings!

    Sooooo….how do you DO your roasted vegetables? And what combinations of veggies do you use? I’d like to get other ideas.

  2. Hello,

    I am a new reader and absolutely love this blog. What a great way to continue to remember Briana.

    I am also curious as to what your policies are for sharing your recipes. I would like to mention your blog and post a single recipe and photo on my website. Would this be OK if I include credits and links to

    Thank you very much,


  3. Hi Brent ~ Glad to hear you’re enjoying FWB! After all the wholehearted effort & enthusiasm Briana poured into this blog along with Marc’s food styling & photograpy, we couldn’t bear to abandon it.

    We don’t mind ‘sharing’ our recipes & photography as long as a photography / recipe source credit and link back to our site from your article is included. Which recipe are you interested in?

  4. slurp!! am back again after long. Being Indian, I hardly make much western food since I think its easy to toss up something familiar always in a cooking hurry 😛 But the other day I saw this British cookery show where the guy roasted some potatoes and it reminded me of this recipe I had read long back. Roasted em veggies just like its described here (thanks for those tiny details on how to wrap, how long to keep etc. for a 1st timer like me its crucial info!) and slurp! its heavenly. Am going to make roast veggies every weekend now, there seems to be endless possibilities with a dish like this. Thanks a ton again!

  5. I was just checkin in on the site, wanted to wish you a beautiful 2023. Holidays are a bittersweet time for me, too. So many cherished memories, and so many new things we’d love to share, you with Bri, me with my sister, Linds.
    Roasted tri-color baby potatoes and carrots are the absolute best – I use the same basic recipe as yours, I add sprigs of fresh rosemary and a drizzle of honey before putting them in the oven. I’ve served them alongside the backyard bbq’d burgers in the summer and NO ONE has ever wished for French fries instead!

  6. Thanks for the New Year wishes! Heather ~ Same to you! I certainly hope this year has some blessings and sweetness to it with all the craziness in the world these past few years.

    Sorry to hear you’ve also lost a beloved person, your sister. The loss and grief are SO TOUGH early on…and for a number of years following, depending on one’s relationship, the age of the person, the illness / timing / circumstances of death. It’s been so long now since Bri died ~ more than 14 years ~ that it’s mostly transitioned for me into sweet memories of her zest and enthusiasm for life, her love of good food / cooking, and her astonishing courage in the face of the cancer and barbaric treatments. I’m deeply grateful she was part of our family…and that she left for us to remember her by.

    Like your tips on roasting veggies. Have used rosemary, but hadn’t thought of drizzling with honey except on more naturally sweet items like beets / apples, etc. Yeah, much better than conventional French fries!

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