Black Rice: Add an Element of Dark Drama to your Meals

black rice served with sauteed fennel & vegetables

Enjoyed some black rice dishes recently at a new-to-us restaurant ‘Gaia’s Garden’ in Santa Rosa. Intrigued and inspired, went searching for black rice at our local grocery stores.

Found a delicious black wild rice in bulk at Community Market, our local organic cooperative. And discovered Lundberg offers an heirloom black Japonica rice that’s a mix of black and burgundy rice grains.

lundberg black japonica rice package
Lundberg Eco-Farmed Whole Grain Black Japonica™ Rice

Here’s the description from the Lundberg web site.
Juicy & Bold: Succulent, with a roasted nutty flavor and exotic sweet spiciness. This unique rice variety is nutrient-rich and high in health-promoting anthocyanin antioxidants, like those found in blueberries and blackberries.

Did a satisfying, delicious 7-Day Whole Foods Detox Diet last week. Cooked with several new foods and learned a better way to prepare whole grains. Measure the quantity  you wish to have (for example 2 cups), rinse well and then soak overnight or for 8 hours before cooking. Instead of doubling the amount of water needed for cooking (ie. 2 cups of grain / 4 cups of filtered water or broth), you may use equal proportions of the dry grain and liquid (2 cups and 2 cups) for the finished product. The grains I’ve cooked this way: black rice, millet, and quinoa have been delicious.

The soaking water from the black rice was an amazing dark sultry plum hue. Took a couple of photos to share with you.

black rice in bowl with soaking water in pyrex cup
I’m now soaking grains for 8 hours or overnight, before cooking. Was intrigued with the dark plum colored soaking water from the black rice.

Interesting Rice Facts:
•    Rice cultivation may have begun around 5,000 BC.
•    Rice may be grown in almost any environment, except Antarctica.
•    At least half of all the Rice produced is consumed within 10 miles of where it was grown.
•    Rice is the highest yielding cereal grain producing more than 3,000 grains of rice from a single seed.
•    There are around 250 million rice farms in Asia.
•    Every year at least 65 kilos of rice are produced per every single person on Earth.
•    Around half of the world’s population (China, Indonesia & India) depend on rice for sustenance spending up ¾’s of their incomes on rice alone.
•    The words used for “Food” & “Rice” are the same in several Asian languages.

black rice dark soaking water in pyrex cup
Wanted to capture the gorgeous, sultry plum colored hue of the black rice soaking water. Waited for winter’s morning sun slanting across the kitchen counter to illuminate the dark water so you could appreciate it.

Black Rice Recipes:

Asian Black Rice Salad

Festive Black Japonica

Field, Wood & Garden Black Rice Salad

Southwestern Black Rice Salad

Read more about Lundberg Black Japonica Rice:
7-Day Whole Foods Detox Diet:

3 thoughts on “Black Rice: Add an Element of Dark Drama to your Meals”

  1. I am very annoyed and exhausted. There is a beautiful picture with this name underneath it: Black rice served with sautéed fennel & vegetables with rosemary – See more at: I have searched and searched for this recipe. I can find it no-way, no how! PLEASE HELP! I am trying to eat healthier, but it is very frustrating and time consuming (I have some disabilities, and three of them are stroke, hypertension, and chronic fatigue syndrome) to see something I like and then not get the recipe or specific instructions on how to accomplish something. Obviously you can see from the disabilities that I listed, that I do not have the time or strength to search for hours; and, that I need a website that is “computer friendly” for lack of a better way to put it. It is so disheartening when I see the name and picture of a recipe on a website, and not be able to find the recipe. Would you please help me? Thanks.

  2. Linda ~ Thanks for stopping by and sharing your appreciative comments about our yummy black rice, sautéed fennel & veggies photo. My apologies! Certainly never intended to frustrate you or any of our readers in looking for the recipe.

    It’s true, the reason you can’t find the recipe is because I haven’t finished writing it yet! The assembly photographs haven’t been taken….need to make this dish again in order to do so. I could post the recipe tonight, using only this photo OR you may adapt your own version of this dish from the recipe I took my inspiration from:

  3. Cynthe, I really appreciate your prompt answer. I looked at the recipe at – See more at: I might be able to pull this off by substituting black rice for the risotto. However, by nature I do not cook. I wish to change that, but my health requires that I do not cook the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, butterbeans soaked with bacon with which I grew up. I am making a first class effort to learn to cook a different way.
    In any event, I look forward to viewing your own recipe relative to the black rice, sautéed fennel & veggies photo as soon as you finish writing it and post it. I already have access to the photo, but don’t know the proportions, and not able to get all the seasonings from viewing photo.
    Again thank you very much.

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