Chocolate with Humor

I just came across this great chocolate post from roadsidescholar’s blog.


I would say my Sagittarius with Virgo rising chocoscopes are quite apropos. The Scorpio one cracks me up. Especially because of my Scorpio chocoholic friend. (you know who you are)

What a totally fun idea. Chocolate and humor, what else does one need in life?

9 thoughts on “Chocolate with Humor”

  1. Hi Bri,

    Thanks for the mention! Glad to see that you find these amusing as well… and for the record the taurus chocoscope is frighteningly accurate…

  2. Well i am a SCORPIO and as far as I know, all of the chocoscopes are true. Let me be honest, all Scorpios love nothing more than to grab a bottle of smuckers chocolate syrup = warmed to hot to the touch, is best. a big glow-in-the dark ALIEN sucker AND……….. well u know If UR B-Day fall’s between OCTOBER 24 and NOVEMBER 22.

  3. hey, i saw this chocolate on an episode of unwrapped on the food channel! (don’t worry i’m not super fat and need jullian michaels to help me out!)

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