Confused? Yes on 522 GMO Food Labeling or No? ~ WA Voters Will Decide: NOV 5th

Look Who's Spending Millions to Defeat YesOn522

yes on 522 logo washington's label gmos WA elections are only weeks away…folks are already submitting their mail-in ballots. Voting YES on 522!, Washington state’s  initiative measure requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods, seeds and seed products is CRUCIAL for our personal health, for generations that follow, and the environment.

yes on 522 4 reasons for labeling gmo foods

TV and radio airwaves, printed election materials, newspapers and magazines plus web resources are being flooded with misleading information about I-YesOn522 and GE / GMO ingredients, hiding or denying the life-threatening, chronic, health dangers already affecting the people and livestock being fed these altered foods.

Leave a comment to request an emailed copy of the Swanson Report (PDF) on frightening information from the Center For Disease Control stats and graphed trends on Americans’ deteriorating health, since GE / GMO crops and widespread use of glyphosate (Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ weed killer) have been introduced into agriculture.

A frustrated YesOn522 volunteer, who contacted me to participate in WA voter education phone banking, declared after seeing the onslaught of misinformation in the voting literature: “Feel like I’ve come to a gunfight with a butter knife!”

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Label GMO Consumers Have A Major Advantage: The Tipping Point

Don’t be dismayed. Consumers really do have the power in our hands. Use your YesOn522 vote and buying power to choose. Refuse to buy GE / GMO containing products, which means until we have labeling….buying exclusively organic and Non-GMO Certified foods and products. By doing this, we will reach ‘the tipping point’ making products containing GE / GMO ingredients a liability.

In the health food industry there is already a clear trend, according to several sources (ie. Jeffrey Smith of the Institute For Responsible Technology, the CEO of Whole Foods, and others): Product sales INCREASE by 15-30% once they’re labeled as GMO-Free or Non-GMO Certified.

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Based statistics of EU consumers, it only takes 5% of Americans to stop buying GE / GMO products to shift food manufacturers away from using them….that’s only 1 in 4 of California’s Yes on Prop37 voters.
Washington ~ You can do better: Require GMO Labeling!

If you’re still feeling confused by it all…
Check out to get your questions answered.

dr bronners supports yeson522 Here are YouTube videos that tell it like it is (and I’m sure you can find more):

YES ON 522 – GMO Food Labeling Won’t Cost You Anything (Food price increase threats are outright lies)
Yes on I-522 & Label GMO Foods – The Video Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To See
Dr. Bronner’s Supports Yes On 522 Campaign
Whole Foods Market Supports Yes on 522 Campaign

Washington voters and consumers need to realize the ‘NO’ campaign is deliberately impeding your Right To Know What’s In Our Food by spending MILLIONS !! to confuse voters to defeat YesOn522.

Look Who's Spending Millions to Defeat YesOn522
Look Who’s Spending Millions to Defeat GMO Labeling in Washington!
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Dirty Laundry: Who Has Something to Hide from YesOn522 Voters?

Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, GMA*, Bayer CropScience, and Dow AgroScience among others.

*The Grocery Manufacturers Association (ie. GMA) is a Washington DC lobbying group for huge agri-biotech, pesticide corporations. They include these companies and their popular ‘organic / health food’ brands: Safeway (O Organics), Starbucks (tsk, tsk…Washington state’s own), Target, Con-Agra (Alexia, Hunt’s Organic and Natural Brands, Lightlife, Orville Redenbacher’s Organic), Kellogg’s (Kashi, Bear Naked, Gardenburger, Morningstar Farms), Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s), Kraft (Boca Burgers), General Mills (Cascadian Farm, Larabar, Muir Glen), Hershey’s (Dagoba,) Coca-Cola (Honest Tea, Odwalla), Dean Foods (Horizon Organic, Silk, White Wave), Pepsico (Naked Juice, Tostito’s Organic, Tropicana Organic), Smucker’s (R.W. Knudsen)

“The main goal of a lobbying organization like GMA is to pool the massive resources of its members, which include heavy hitters such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and General Mills; each has a huge stake in this fight. While last year in California, these companies donated millions to stop Proposition 37, this year, the game plan has changed. GMA is now doing industry’s dirty work by donating on behalf of its members and possibly violating Washington State’s lobbying rules in the process.” (Read more)

GMA is functioning as cover for packaged food manufacturers, who want to avoid customer backlash for their unpopular stand against our consumer rights.

In recent weeks, a Washington non-profit ‘Moms For Labeling’ filed a suit accusing GMA of not properly disclosing the whopping $7 million-plus in campaign funds the trade group has donated to the No on 522 campaign so far. In a court dismissal, the Moms lost their case and were penalized $10,000 plus prosecuting attorney’s fees, but now WA Attorney General has filed a similar suit against GMA’s illegal activities.

According to Food Democracy Now!  “In an incredible development for GMO labeling supporters in Washington state and across the U.S., today [October 16, 2013] the Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, filed a suit against this junk food mafia via the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the junk food lobbying group that has already plowed in more than $7.2 million to defeat Yes on 522, Washington’s GMO labeling initiative, and is now accused of illegally hiding donations from America’s largest food companies.

The Washington Attorney General’s office alleges that the GMA set up a secret fund within the DC based lobbying group to illegally launder campaign donations to defeat GMO labeling in Washington in order to protect brands such as Pepsi, Kraft, Kellogg’s, Coke and General Mills from consumer backlash!” (Read more)

Don’t be fooled by these greedy corporations. Take ownership of Your Right to Know. If YOU are a Washington VOTER: Please Vote YES! On 522 ~ Label GMOs

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  1. Hi Cynthe,
    What a well designed and colorful blog and how wonderful to keep it going in Bri’s memory. When I got to it I just had to watch the whole slide show before starting!
    Thank you so much for your article on Yes on 522. How did you make that gun and butter knife picture? It did make me laugh to see my words expressed that way!
    I’d like to introduce you to my niece-in-law in London. She has a great blog called Lady Aga. She’s a cake maker and has a great flair for both cakes and blogging. She travels quite a bit and includes wonderful pictures with her very dry British sense of humor.

  2. Florence ~ Glad you got a chuckle out of your frustrated spot-on comment. I actually LOVE the way that graphic came together. Many of us LabelGMOers feel that way at times, so I wanted to empower all of us, so we don’t have to wait for labeling ballots measures to get voter approval. Bottom-line: Our day-to-day purchase choices will shape the food market. Thanks for coming to make a comment!

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