December 2007 DMBLGIT Results

As some of you have already noticed (and sweetly brought to my attention), the results are in for December’s “Does My Blog Look Good In This?” (DMBLGIT). Guess who was one of four Winners of Aesthetics? Just guess.


Or rather…me, Marc and Marc’s mom (Cynthe). Several weeks ago, Marc’s mom took a little trip to Whole Foods and came back, waxing poetic about tasty poached pears they had in their deli. Marc and I researched recipes, and came up with an interesting concoction infused with saffron and a vanilla bean to poach them in. Marc took and doctored the photo (which I was really proud of), and lo and behold we won.

Poached Pears

Pears poached in a saffron, vanilla bean and white wine syrup

There were beautiful photos of very tasty looking dishes that others entered, so I am even more pleased to be chosen from such stiff competition. Thanks again to the judges and host. It’s always wonderful to find food bloggers out there that you wouldn’t know about otherwise. I know I added a few new bookmarks. Oh, and each entrant includes the camera they use, and now I have a SERIOUS case of camera envy.

14 thoughts on “December 2007 DMBLGIT Results”

  1. Anita – Thanks! So funny that Tastespotting didn’t accept it, we got it under the radar, and it ended up winning. Being right feels so good, doesn’t it? 😉

  2. Bri, Marc, Marc’s Mom ~ what??? Tastespotting didn’t feature this photo???? Well, the photo, the recipe and the team behind it are amazing. Congratuations!

  3. hi bri,

    a hearty congratulations to you and your “crew” for your terrific collaboration and a gorgeous end result! i’m proud of you and can’t wait to try making the recipe! 🙂

  4. Ingrid – Well, they finally did, but it took a little persuasion. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

    Gigi – Thank you dahling. The recipe really is a winner.

    Tammy – Thanks!

    Patricia – Special thanks, since you were a judge 🙂

    Maryann – Thank you!

  5. Mango Power Girl – Thanks! I’m with ya on the beautiful desserts out of fruit. Fruit so perfectly lends itself to that. But, I’m pretty sure, Mango is the king of fruits. 😉

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