Granny Smith Apples ~ A bright green Australian Heirloom has won Global Favor for its Flavor

granny smith apples photo by benjamint444

GRANNY SMITH Apples (Malus domestica)

Apple divas #2 : Grass green, crisp, juicy, moderately sweet with a tart snappy flavor, Granny Smith apples are excellent keepers. With superb eating and cooking qualities, they never get mushy when baked. Raw…Granny Smith’s register at 6.2 on the Lytle Sweetness Scale, while a cooked Granny Smith commands an 11.6 rating, making Granny Smith apples ideal for pie baking.

An antique Australian variety, Granny Ramsey Smith’s green apple originated in 1868 from a chance seedling propagated by Maria Ann Smith, from whom the apple gets its name. Thought to be a hybrid of the European wild apple, Malus sylvestris, crossed with the domestic apple, Malus domestica, as the pollinator. Widely grown in New Zealand, it was introduced to the United Kingdom c. 1935 and the United States in 1972.

If you have October travel plans bound for Australia, consider attending the annual Granny Smith Festival at the end of the month, which celebrates this superb apple’s Australian roots. The festival is held in Eastwood, New South Wales.

Cooking with Granny Smith Apples

Besides eating out-of-hand, Granny Smiths are also excellent in salads as the slices do not brown as quickly as other apple varieties. Tending towards a harder texture than other green apples, they add a welcome crunchiness to a Waldorf salad, with mixed fruits, or in contrast to fresh baby greens.


One of Bri’s favorites for family gatherings:
Cardamom Apple Crisp with Dried Cranberries

Apple Walnut Crumb Quick Bread

I’m curious to make this Green Apple & Sparkling Cider Sorbet recipe, while Granny Smiths are still in season.

Green Apple Sorbet (Photo Copyright © 2008-2010 Cindy Ruth)

Nami-nami’s Oven-baked Toffee Apples recipe sounds delectable as well. Check it out at:

Green Apple Pie Recipes

Best Ever Apple Pie uses Granny Smith apples:
Deep Dish Apple Pie
Oatmeal Nut Crunch Apple Pie
Wild Apple Pie & Green Apple Jelly with Thyme
look totally delish:
OR consider this yummy looking Apple Walnut Gorgonzola Rustic Tart:

Waldorf Salad Recipes may be found at various sites

Here are a few to check out:
Here’s a different take on the standard, Creative Kale Waldorf Salad:

trio of granny smith apples
Lime green Granny Smith apples are superb for baking, in salads, or for eating fresh

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