Meyer Lemon Sugar ~ An EASY & QUICK Baking Condiment!

Meyer Lemon zest mixed with organic cane sugar

Meyer Lemon Inspirations 2010 ~ Recipe #4

Ran across this simple baking ‘condiment’ in my old, out-of-print, “A World of Breads” cookbook by Dolores Casella. [David White Company, New York, 1966.]

She lists a section of ‘Flavored Sugars’ in Chapter 10 ~ Yeast Raised Coffee Cakes and Sweet Rolls introducing them with these comments: “Flavored sugars are excellent to sprinkle on the tops of sweet breads after first brushing the loaves with soft or melted butter. To use Lemon, Orange, or Tangerine Sugar in baking, substitute 1 Tablespoon of the flavored sugar for each teaspoon of grated rind called for.”

photo of meyer lemons in bowl, grated zest, cup of organic cane sugar
Naked Meyer Lemons, grated Zest, organic Cane Sugar

The recipe for all three citrus fruits is similar with the only a difference being quantity of fruit used:

Lemon Sugar (See variations for Orange or Tangerine)
~ GRATE the rind of 6 large lemons (I used 10 small Meyer Lemons from my potted trees).
~ ADD to 1 cup of granulated [organic] sugar and BLEND well with a fork.
~ Put in a tightly lidded glass jar, label, and store refrigerated. Will keep for months.

Naked Meyer Lemons, grated Zest, organic Cane Sugar
Grated Meyer Lemon zest in bowl with organic cane sugar

~ Orange Sugar, grate the thin outer rind of 4 large oranges.
~ Tangerine Sugar has a very delicate and pleasing flavor. Use the grated zest of 6 tangerines.

Cynthe’s TIP: Think these flavored sugars might also be good sprinkled into fresh yogurt, blended in smoothies, mixed into hot cooked cereal, on buttered toast (used lightly)

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