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Every month Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi hold a truly inspiring photo contest called CLICK!. Talented photographers from around the world submit a shot based on that month’s theme. This month, Bee and Jai are hosting a special CLICK! fundraising event for me to help pay for my medical bills. The theme is yellow, which has begun to signify the fight against cancer.

Shankari of Stream of Consciousness, Manisha of Indian Food Rocks and Garrett of Vanilla Garlic have all helped to organize this event on my behalf. There are even awesome raffle prizes that kind bloggers, friends and family have donated. The fundraiser has barely gotten off the ground and I already feel so loved. I will be listing the sweet donors’ names on my Fundraiser page.

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  1. Bri, I haven’t checked in a while and then I find out this. 🙁 I’m so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family. Fight like hell is right. We’re all rooting for you.

  2. Hi Bri,
    Maryann at Finding la Dolce Vita sent me your way.
    I am so sorry to read of this battle you have to fight- I am sending you a “pink bubble” of positive energy (as I like to think of it)- may it surround you with protection, infuse you with energy to heal and hold you in comfort through this time.
    My heart and thoughts are with you and now I’m off to donate. 🙂

  3. Hi Bri,
    It’s so lovely to hear from you. I’m gonna participate, perfectionist me just wants to get all the details just right 🙂 Please know that you’re always in my thoughts.

  4. I know we haven’t really met, but I hope this all helps. There’s a really great, giving community of people here all cheering for ya’. =)

  5. Hey Bri, just wanted to send your way lots of hugs and smiles.

    Best wishes and hugs,

  6. Amazing to Witness….
    Your Love, Encouragement & Generosity

    Dear Contributors,

    This is a LOVE LETTER to each one of you, who are taking time to support Bri in her return to health. Giving her the chance to pay off her medical debt AND most importantly right now, having financial resources – your gifts – to afford alternative protocols to bolster her immune system.

    I am amazed. At times brought to tears by your love, encouragement & generosity. Marc & Bri are amazed, too, that all of you world-wide are willing to open your hearts and give of yourselves to Bri….. without having ever met her.

    Forgive me for making a slight political comment…
    If only our governments – especially here in the USA – would take note of how people around the world, when given a TRUE choice, choose to support one another with best wishes for health & happiness. What we share in common with each other is so much more important than our differences. Though our differences – cultural and personal – certainly add SPICE to LIFE!

    I am deeply grateful for being a witness to all this. I hope your lives are filled with blessings, too.

  7. Hi Bri
    I only recently came across your blog when it was mentioned to me during our 2008 LiveSTRONG With A Taste of Yellow. I wish you all the best. I’m going through my own cancer journey so understand what you are experiencing. I know how difficult some days can be and the need to manage your energy. Good luck and hugs from me.

  8. We all r there for u bri…
    we will see how we can stand by u and help u come out of this.. and u will believe me.I will pray for u and ur family. God bless

  9. Bri…i can understand the pain you are going through…..GOD is with you…you dont worry….be strong..I am very proud of you girl…..we r all with you….never feel you are fighting this alone….we r here to support and fight with you…


  10. Never lose your faith. Be strong.
    With God everything is possible!

    I found you through Asha place.

    God bless you and your family!

  11. i am all over this. so grateful to the other loyal food bloggers out there who are helping to spread the word!

    hope you are feeling alright today. xo

  12. Hi Bri. I’m over from jen yu’s brilliant blog use real butter. I’m a fellow breast cancer patient and a fig blogger (figslavendercheese.blogspot.com). I’m so enormously sorry to hear about what you’re going through. I know that dark, scary place, and my heart breaks for anyone who has to spend time there. All my best wishes for strength in your fight. The fact that you’ve got so many people out there pitching in to help indicates you’re truly somone special. You’re in my thoughts.

  13. I just found this event through another blogger and have spent the last 15 minutes reading your last few posts. I know I’m a stranger, but I started crying thinking about your situation, but then I realized I was actually crying because you are so extremely positive and your strength is infectious. I wish you the absolutely best with everything that is going on with you and I am going to contribute to this event.

    Keep up your amazing enthusiasm and spirit. You’re an inspiration!


  14. Good Luck! If you’re interested in alternative treatments, I hear aloe vera and Budwig cream (kousmine) can work miracles.

  15. Hi..I found your blog via Jugalbandi. Its a tough fight you are fighting, and I just wanted to say we support you with our hearts and spirit. Don’t give up!

  16. Bri I have been directed to your site from Asha at Foodies Hope and Barbara winoandfoodies.
    We have a dear friend currently fighting melanoma and he has the same positive attitude as you.If anyone can fight this, you guys can.
    I have just popped a donation into your fund.
    Good luck.

  17. Hi Bri,
    you are in my everydays prayers.
    I would like to pass something for you. Please, visit me.

    God bless you and your family!

  18. Hello Bri,
    I heard about your illness and cause through Bee at Jugalandi. I wish you all the best. I have so many friends who have survived really bad cases of cancer. They all seem to have a few things in common – they got proper treate=ment, they have a great outlook on life, they laugh often and they were not ready to go! I hope you don’t mind but I swiped a photo of you for my latest blog post.

  19. Dear Bri,
    Just stopped by to see how you were feeling today. Was just checking to see if there were any updates.
    Keep up that positive attitude!
    Love & hugs!

  20. Hello Bri,

    Reading all these gives me the shivers… like how I imagine the breathing of angels. So close. You’re a radiant being, Bri. Everything’s going to be fine.

  21. Dear Bri, I just wanted to say hello. I didn’t know about you or about your blog, up until the news about your diagnosis started to circulate about the blogs. I just wanted to give you a flower, a virtual flower, I posted on my blog – http://azcookbook.com. It is my favorite flower and my favorite photograph. I cannot participate in Click even since my entry is not food related, but I still wanted to give you my little yellow gift. You are always in my mind. Be strong. We are with you!

  22. Dear Bri, your struggle reminds me of my Mom’s. She was fighting against breast cancer for almost 5 years. The doctor told her that she needed a mastectomy. But she chosed an alternative medication. After 5 years drinking traditional herbs, she was cured. Now it’s been 8 years since the doctor said she was cured. I thank God that she has a chance to see her grandchildren.
    So Bri, there is always a hope. Just light up the spirit to live. My pray is with you.
    Love & Hugs!

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