Thankful for Each One of You

Marc, Bill & I wish all our FWB readers, who celebrate the U.S. ‘Thanksgiving’ holiday a wonderful gathering with your families & friends tomorrow. And LOTS of yummy food to share!

If you’re looking for last-minute ideas, Thanksgiving was one of Bri’s favorite holidays and food savoring ‘events.’ You’ll find lots of yummy recipe posts written in her charming style.

Marc & I also want to express how ‘thankful’ we are for YOU, both new readers and seasoned followers who have been with us through the dramatic ups and downs in the short life of this blog. Bri LOVED connecting with all of you.

And if it weren’t for you NOW….there would be no reason for us to carry FWB on. So, we invite you to make comments. Give us feedback. Ask questions. Let us know what you’re interested in eating & reading about. We love connecting too.

2 thoughts on “Thankful for Each One of You”

  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too, Marc, Bill and Cynthe. Bri’s recipe are all so delicious and her writing reveals her charming personality.

  2. Farida ~ Thanks for your Thanksgiving wishes. Sorry for my belated reply. Life got a bit busy with holiday stuff and then packing for our trip east to see my folks, sister, aunt, and cousins.

    BTW, like your pommie pic. Ate a delicious one recently. Despite my careful attempts at not squirting…got pom juice all over my shirt! Thankfully, it came out in the wash.

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