Thirty-Four Years Ago today…in the Midst of Winter Holiday Excitement

briana brownlow photo with string of christmas lights

Today would have been Briana’s 34th birthday. It’s also the day after Marc’s Dad’s birthday and right in midst of winter holiday preparations… decorating Christmas trees, last-minute gift purchases, wrapping presents, sending gifts to loved ones at a distance, Christmas parties, cooking and baking, all activities Bri enjoyed tremendously.

Winter holiday celebrations & our memories of her are indelibly melded in our hearts. She and Marc would discuss gift ideas for long lists of family members and her many friends. Then Bri set to work on knitting gifts, making truffles & other yummies with Marc & her cousins, managing to tuck in a weekend of cookie baking with me, relishing every moment!

Bri and I would plan our cookie baking lists together. I still have a couple of those lists & needed shopping ingredients in her handwriting tucked into my collection of cookie recipes…now precious mementos to me.

Marc and I are going to make special gingerbread cookies this coming weekend. And we hope to make some ‘Snowball’ Truffles before the new year arrives. Our Christmas foodie angel, I’m sure Bri will be supervising & inspiring our efforts.

In an interesting timing of events, I’ll be receiving a generous gift of a large box of fresh figs tonight after Tai Chi class. More figs from Lily’s tree.

Lily left a message for our Tai Chi instructor, Joanne, two days ago insisting Joanne stop by her house after class Tuesday evening. Joanne phoned me yesterday morning asking for ideas of what to do with ALL those beautiful figs!?!! Could she store them in the refrigerator?? “Yes, I said, but not for long since figs are so perishable.” Then I emailed her a link to our Lily’s Purple Figs article which includes lots of fig recipe ideas. But Joanne has decided to give most of them to us, to do something wonderfully figgy with!

I have to ask, “How perfect is that?” That exactly on Bri’s birthday (of which neither Lily or Joanne are aware), we will be gifted with a box of beautiful, homegrown, lovingly hand-picked FIGS!

Bri LOVED figs. So much so, that she named this blog after herself and in honor of them. Life’s quite miraculous. And since Bri’s death transition, my whole concept of the nature of connections and what’s possible has changed. Just have to smile. Thanks, Bri!

6 thoughts on “Thirty-Four Years Ago today…in the Midst of Winter Holiday Excitement”

  1. Hi! Shankari ~ Yes. Bri has a way of staying sweetly and uniquely present in our lives. One ‘could’ chalk it up to co-incidence, but there’s the symbolism significance (FIGS!) and perfection of timing (Bri’s BIRTHDAY) that makes it seem like more…undoubtedly more. Especially, since these sorts of mini-gifts keep happening for Marc, Bill & me on a regular basis.

  2. I remembered Bri’s birthday and came to check. We are 2 days apart only. In all of her pictures, Bri has this beautiful light in her eyes that draws one to her. And figs on her birthday! What a coincidence! May memories of Bri always bring smile to your face!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Farida. There are several birthdays right in a row in Marc and Bri’s family and among FWB friends. When is your birthday? Before or after Bri’s? Hope you had a nice celebration.

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