Hi sweet friends. I am so deeply touched by the outpouring of support, love, well-wishes and prayers. I had no idea this fundraiser would be such a success. It’s truly an inspiration. We’ve told everyone we know about it since it is such a testament to the idea that many people doing small (and not so small) things, can make a big difference.

I have been so enveloped by your generosity. One night when we were drifting off to sleep, Marc said, “What if you imagine all these people standing in a room together cheering you on.” So, that has become a common bedtime practice, especially when it’s been a hard day. Bee and Jai posted a sweet update about me and included an awesome new prize that someone has offered: a week stay in an apartment at her farmhouse…in Italy. What a treat!

I’ve really had ups and downs these last few weeks. I take notice of the little victories (like being able to tag along on a couple errands). But I also ended up at the emergency room last week with a fever, and left with a diagnosis of pneumonia. Everyone in the household had gotten sick with a cold, but in me, it became pneumonia. The doc wanted to admit me, but I wanted to head home, so I left with my antibiotics. I’ve had daily energy work treatments since, and am recovering well. This fundraiser is really making it possible for me to get the treatments I need, and not worry about where the money is going to come from. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.


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  1. It’s really heartening to see the food blogging community being so supportive.
    The pneumonia attack is a bit of a setback, but I’m glad to hear that you’re getting better. We are all with you, dear Bri, cheering you on! 🙂

  2. Dear Bri
    I don’t know you, but have been thinking about you a lot. God bless, I hope you feel better soon.
    sending prayers your way..take care,

  3. Yeah, that prize is well worth more than the $500. That’s a week’s lodging!
    I hope the pneumonia has been adequately treated. I know you’re forcing a smile in the pic in jugalbandi’s update but it’s nice to see that your spirit is still managing. Never forget that we are all cheering for you 🙂

  4. Hon, I’m sorry about your trip to the ER! I had a scare for what I thought was a stomach flu but turned out to be salmonella poisoning from… tomatoes! Luckily I was 3 weeks out from the last chemo round. But when you’re neutropenic, everyone in the ER flips out – and with good reason. I hope you are recovering from that episode. It’s hard to strike that balance between listening to your body, pushing your body, and trying to live your life as normally as you possibly can (sometimes not at all). I know pneumonia was something you absolutely did not need at this time. Every little (and big) thing is a struggle during chemo. My wish is that you get to enjoy as much of the good times as possible to help lift your spirits and get through this awful treatment. I picked up some little special presents for you. Whenever you have the energy and feel like it – drop me a line so I can get them packed and shipped off so they can brighten your day. xxoo

  5. Dear bri I think all of us are surprised by how the blogworld came together for the fundraiser.
    Saw the update in Jugalbandi too and the picture of you still similing.
    Our prayers and wishes and hugs to you.
    Take Care

  6. I just got here via Jen at A2eatwrite, and I was so moved reading your writing. Your courage is inspiring and rare. What a treat to be able to read your writing.

  7. I like the part about the blog world standing in one expanding room cheering. That’s some serious energy standing behind you. Gives me goosebumps; I hope it gives you strength.

  8. Pneumonia, just wanted you didn’t need a side order of! I hope that you are feeling more perky now and am so happy that so many people are participating in the fundraiser. I also like the part about imagining us all cheering for you, because that is what we are doing. Its a big team too.

  9. I love your spirit and how you focus on the positive! I think we all have so much to learn from you. Focus on your recovery and your strength, everything else will take care of itself. We are getting closer and closer to the goal of the fund raiser and I hope people will keep contributing even once the goal is reached. Hugs to you!

  10. I am here cheering you on Bri! Helping out is the least we can do in this weird, weird world. I wish I coudl give you a hug and a kiss right now.

  11. Dear Bri, we’re all there dear one…cheering you on….you are doing a great job of focusing your energies in getting better….your spirit and strength is amazing….love and prayers for a fast recovery….

  12. It is so good to hear that you are having some good days. Like many others, I have been following your progress through this journey. A very close friend of mine, who is 35, was just treated for breast cancer this year and is in the process of recovering now. We recently went together to watch a team of our friends who were walking in the Avon Breast Cancer walk in Chicago. She and I were both brought to tears at the presence of all those people cheering each other on, so many lives touched by cancer.

    Fight the good fight. You have lots of people behind you.

  13. Wyatt Terwilliger

    I just want to say that we in Canton Ohio are praying for you and wish you well. You are in our thoughts.

  14. Hi! I got here through Jaden’s blog, and wanted to let you know that you can add another person to the room– I’m cheering you on as loud as I can.

  15. Seriously, the unity among the food bloggers all over the world, and I really mean all over the world has touched me and I got permission from my husband to use his paypal account to do a good deed and lend a helping hand. Of course, he agreed. Do take care and every tomorrow is just gonna get better than the previous.

  16. Hi Bri,
    Hope you feel better now.With God’s grace hope to see you soon writing, you are better, releived from pneumonia.
    I came to know abt you from Malabar spices, and very happy to see so many people wishing you the best and cheering you.
    I too would like to do my part.Wish to write about you in my blog and definietly pray for you and do what ever small things I can .
    And after reading about you here, got a suggestion.
    Here is the site, http://chopra.com/ You can just enquire abt the good things you will get from them. You will get ayurvedic help for the condition as well as a boost to your energy and mind.It is run by eminent doctors, like Deepak Chopra and I am sure it would be a great help to you.
    Even though i know you not, i feel for you.
    you will be remembered in prayers, so keep going and keep yourself happy , for it gives lots of positive energy.I have seen people of same condition and I can guess how it feels, remember God is with you.
    Take care.

  17. Bri,

    Reanna and I were talking about you last night. Thanks for calling her on her B-Day – it means so much to her. We look forward to seeing you and Marc. We’ll get up there sometime soon!

    Stay strong and take care.


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